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Letters from Satisfied Customers

The following is a letter  from our satisfied customers:

    I had to write to let you know how pleased I am with the Hurricane Screens installed by Fort Hurricane Products Inc. last summer. It has been a year since your company installed the screens on our home. We have been fortunate not to have any hurricanes in Central Florida since this installation, but I must comment on the other attributes these screens have to offer us homeowners. On several occasions I have been grateful about this purchase. 

  • I no longer worry about broken windows and screen replacement with two teenage sons at home practicing sports. This winter some neighborhood school boys were throwing small rocks as they walked down the street. A rock hit our screens, no damage occurred. 

  • I also felt very safe one evening last spring when our weather forecast predicted major storms with possible tornados. I could sleep comfortably knowing our home was more secure than it had been in the past. 

  • The screens also reduce the afternoon sunlight entering our home from the west keeping two rooms cooler during the Florida summer.

  •  Your screens have enhanced the appearance of my home, provided window protection, and reduced the absorption of summer heat. They have measured up to all you said they would do and more.

    Thank you for selling and installing a quality product. 

    Sincerely,  Diane Shoeman,  Merritt Island, Fl

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Hurricane Screens made of Hard Stainless Steel Mesh and
have passed all Dade County and Florida Building Code Protocol,
also Approved and CERTIFIED by the Florida Energy Office.
Large Missile Approved and they will
Lower Energy bills, because they block out the sun's rays of heat.
Burglar Resistant permanently attached so there is no need
to get stressed about when to deploy your storm protection system.
No Shutters Needed, Storm Screens are the only product that allows air
to flow through it while keeping Mosquitoes and other insects out.
These Hurricane Screens are always ready so you have 24/7 Protection.
Architecturally Pleasing and in some cases you cannot even tell you have
the best hurricane protection in the Hurricane Protection Industry



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